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Bing Advertising For Your Business

Bing is one of the popular search engines after Google. Despite being ranked at number two, advertisements on Bing has its own advantages, which at times are unique and cannot be found on other advertising platforms. The advertisements on Bing is being displayed on its own platforms and devices. Moreover, the ads are also exhibited on partner websites such as AOL, The Wall Street Journal and InfoSpace.

Bing ads largely complement the ads on Google Adwords because both of those ads are shown on different platforms owned by the respective search engines. The algorithms that are used by both search engines are somewhat similar.

According to the estimates gathered by Bing, the customer base of Bing consists of 66 million searches by desktop computers. Furthermore, the study highlights that one-third of Bing users have a household income of over $100,000. Additionally, 58 percent of Bing network users have a college degree, while almost forty percent lay between the ages of 35 and 54 years. Another study reveals that Bing users on average spend 34 percent more on the internet than the ordinary user.

In addition, here are some of the key advantages of Bing. Some of these benefits overlap with the merits of Google Adwords.

  • Users can choose to opt for location based services.

  • Brand awareness by advertising business online

  • Ad campaigns can easily be transferred from Google Adwords to Bing ads

  • Ability to control budgets, thus the performance of the campaign is enhanced.

  • One of the prominent features is Cost per Click (CPC). This means that users will be charged only when his or her ad is being clicked.

  • Coaching classes for optimization of your ads are also available to the user.

Furthermore, here are the advantages that Bing have over Google Adwords.

  • Bing Ads are more economical than Google Ads

  • Bing Ads offers a user to have control over his ad campaigns moreso than Google Adwords.

  • It has been observed that Bing Ads device targeting options are way better than that of Google.

  • Transparency in the form of more control is offered by Bing Ads.

  • Bing Ads have better social extensions and allow its users to have more control over search demographics.

  • Bing Ads are easy to setup than its rival.

  • Bing can easily be integrated with Microsoft Excel.

  • In order to get most out of search queries, Bing also provides its users key industry insights from its own data scientists through their SlideShare channel.

Nevertheless, there are unique functionalities and features that are attached to both Bing ads and Google Ads. Thus, it is recommended that professional marketers should opt for both platforms i.e. Google Adwords and Bing Ads. This is because both the platforms have their own unique customers that can be a part of the overall targeted segment. Hence, focusing on one platform may deprive marketers to miss out on the users of other platforms.

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