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About Us

Driving Our Client's Success - One Click At A Time


Revolutionizing The Way Our Clients Do Business With Customized Digital Strategies 

A dedicated team of digital marketing professionals, AdSearch provides specialized marketing and design solutions for businesses of all sizes, covering pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website development and graphic design. 

About Us

Our unique approach is based around individuality. We recognize that every client, from multinational corporations to the smallest online seller have different needs. Our innovative approach ensures that we develop solutions to match every client’s unique goals and challenges, providing a solution that works to deliver the outcomes they desire each and every time.

However, we also believe that digital marketing should always be accessible, therefor we ensure that our approach does not come at the expense of affordability. Our solutions are designed to achieve success within your budget. We are proud of our extensive track record of success, and we approach every new campaign or project the same way, to add to that success and deliver the results our clients deserve.

As a Google and Bing Partner and reputed digital marketing agency, we’ve received numerous recommendations, accolades and positive reviews from our clients globally as a result of successful campaigns executed for their businesses. We are headquartered at 8100 SW Nyberg St, Suite 400, in Tualatin, Oregon.

Driving Our Client's Success - 

One Click At A Time

Our aim in everything we do is to deliver outstanding results in an affordable way through a quality client experience. This process begins with a review of your website to ensure it is an effective destination for your campaign. This is because we want you to succeed, in fact your success is our success, but if your website is not ready to convert visitors, your campaign will be a waste of your money.

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Therefore, everything needs to be in place before the campaign begins directing your audience to the site. Once the foundation for the campaign is established, we work with you to create the campaign itself, including targets, your budget and other aspects such as design and message. From there we design, craft and implement your campaign using cutting edge tools, revolutionary software, professional expertise and vast industry experience, ensuring we create campaigns that deliver a ROI beyond expectation.


During the campaign itself, we monitor performance and adjust as necessary to deliver the outcomes you desire, always ensuring our strategy is aligned with your goals. Whether you are a startup launching a first campaign or an existing business looking to expand an ongoing campaign of your own, our team of dedicated professionals provide the same outstanding service, friendly approach and attention to detail that has delivered so much success to our clients over the years.

Proprietary Technology for Full-Funnel Internet Marketing

As a leading PPC agency, AdSearch is committed to rejuvenating businesses through advanced digital marketing solutions and impeccable customer service. We offer a broad range of services, beginning with a free review of your existing marketing strategies through to the creation and implementation of strategic plans based on sound analysis of your market and audience and budgetary limits.


Everything we do is focused on delivering exceptional service and desired outcomes regardless of business size, using cutting-edge technology and keen understanding of the marketing environment to ensure success for your campaign.


Our expert PPC team offer a complete marketing solution for both local merchant and large commercial e-commerce businesses. As a Google Partner, we refine and assist businesses in connecting with the right audience to deliver clicks that convert.

Technology +PPC +SEO +Marketing +Digital Marketing +AdSearch

A unique approach tailored to your needs

Track record of unmatched success

Complete marketing solution in one package

Full performance monitoring and campaign management included

Cost effective campaign solutions

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