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Developing Strategic Relations To Ensure Client Success

Experience For Dynamic Results. 

AdSearch is a Google AdWords, Bing Partner, and Facebook Marketing Partner who have managed thousands

of campaigns for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries.


Working with a trusted Google Ads Partner.

Our AdSearch team of marketing specialists works directly with Google Adwords support to ensure that our clients campaigns are performing at peak levels.


Work with a Bing accredited professional.

Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and many other search engines that your customers use everyday are all part of the Bing network. Reach a larger audience advertising within the Bing network.

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Working with a Facebook Marketing Partner

Here at AdSearch, we offer custom solutions to help you get the results you want to see. Designed for excellence whether it be managing campaigns or reaching new audiences or more.

Why Advertise on Google

With over 500 million global searches per day, and more than two thirds of all United States based searches, the Google network represents a massive audience and an incredible opportunity. Whether you have ran Google Ads before or are new to the platform, Google has much to offer.

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Marketing solutions for tangible results.

AdSearch is a Google partner with a large and loyal client base thanks to our track record of success. Our team of highly qualified, vastly experienced Google AdWords professionals understand the market and your needs, delivering solutions that overcome even the most challenging situations to deliver tangible results for our clients.

Putting you in front of your customers.

We help you connect with your audience as they search for your product or service, no matter the industry or business. With such a vast user base, Google is the platform your audience is searching on, and through our expertise, your message will be put in front of them as they are actively searching for that service. That is why Google AdWords is such a powerful opportunity for every business.

Expansion has never been easier.

Even if you already have an ongoing campaign, we can help you achieve your goals. Our team will analyze your campaign, assess its performance and create bespoke solutions that enhance, expand and refine your approach to deliver on your goals and achieve your targets.

Why Advertise on Bing

Bing powers almost a third of all desktop searches in the United States. That represents a huge opportunity, and a vast audience that are waiting for your message. Whether you have ran Bing Ads before or are new to the platform, it is clear that Bing has much to offer

Reach a wider audience than ever before.

At AdSearch, we are proud of our track record of success, delivered by a team of highly qualified, vastly experienced marketing professionals. We work with you to develop a solution, taking the time to understand your needs, identifying market opportunities and delivering solutions that get results.

Your target audience is searching.

We help you connect with your target audience as they search for your product or service, ensuring your message will be visible as they are actively searching for that service. That is why Bing Ads represent an amazing opportunity, connecting your audience and your offer at the perfect time.

Get 30% more leads advertising on Bing.

Whether your current campaign is on Bing or another platform, we can help you expand to include Bing or any other platform. Though careful analysis of your existing campaign performance, we provide a strategy that refines, expands and grows your campaign so that your business can reach its targets and achieve its goals.

Bing Partner +AdSearch Tem +PPC +SEO +Marketing +Digital Marketing +AdSearch

Why Advertise on Facebook

Achieve your marketing goals through Facebook. With endless ad options including demographic targeting, audience and budget capabilities. Facebook Business makes it easy to track how your ads are running. Start big or start off small and progress week after week.


One of the world's biggest communities.

Whether your business is a part a of a local community or on a global level, our team will help you find potential customers. We market your ads all throughout Facebook ensuring that all potential customers see your ad campaigns. Get insights on how your ads are doing and receive weekly reports from us.

Find audiences looking for your business.

Our team helps you find the right audiences as they continue to view, search, comment, like, and share content from your business; regardless of the industry you are in.

Connect with potential customers, one-on-one.

We will pay full attention to your Facebook Business account making you aware of loyal customers and potential customers that want more from you through Facebook including Messenger. We ensure that someone will always be able to assist and offer support to your clients.

Ready to get started?

Reach Millions working with a Google AdWords and Bing Partner and stay ahead of the game. 

Your Customers Are Searching. It’s high time we helped them find you! 



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