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Shattering All-Time Organic Company Highs in the First Three Months

First implementation date: 12/02/2022


Just-A-Dent specializes in variations of automobile dent repair, specializing in motorcycles, compact cars and many other vehicle types. Based in The Woodlands, Texas, Just-A-Dent provides customers with exemplary service with years of experience by their staffers to draw upon.


  • Reached all-time company high of 487 keywords (KWs)—since Semrush began generating their data in 11/2019—within the first three months of implementations. This has increased to 699 KWs six months into their campaign.

  • Within four months of implementations, we reached 18 page one KWs on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP)—another company record. This has since doubled to 36 page one KWs six months into their campaign.

  • Overtook all proximal competitors within the first five months of the campaign.

  • More than 5,000 sessions accumulated within the first five months.

  • Of those 5k sessions, 84.1% of those were first time customers.


Just-A-Dent is a quintessential example of how our organic, versatile strategies can be catered to smaller client websites.

Typically, it can be difficult to establish clear-cut results for smaller, service-based clients for varying reasons—ranging from macroeconomic conditions to historical customer proclivity for e-commerce sites.

Fortunately, our optimizations rendered efficacious results relatively early in their campaign, totaling 487 keywords within the first couple of months of their campaign.

It is crucial to note, too, that we reached these KPIs in relation to when Semrush began generating organic KW data for their site dating back to November 2019, as seen below.

Also note the company’s all-time aforementioned KW count was reached in February 2023.

Since then, we’ve been able to maintain and grow both their total and page one KWs—totaling 18 so far—for their site—both of which are company highs.

Moreover, before Adsearch, Just-A-Dent’s KW count never exceeded 400 keywords, which is one of the most crucial KPI indicators we review with our clients.

Lastly, we’ve also been able to maintain their overall organic traffic—amounting to about 5,100 within the first five months of their campaign, too. This is underscored by about 84.1% of these sessions are potential new customers. That is, users who have never reached their website in the past.

In conclusion, what sets Just-A-Dent apart from many of our other case studies is the sheer number of new users to the site, which our SEO team is proud of thus far into their campaign.

We look forward to continuing their upward trajectory in both organic traffic and keywords as we implement our SEO strategies.

*Note: All data was accumulated and cited through Semrush and Google Analytics platforms.

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