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Gear West | E-Commerce - SEO

Halting Longstanding Keyword Deterioration While Boosting Organic Visibility and Revenue

First implementation date: 8/26/22


Gear West is a family-owned outdoor sports vendor that specializes in winter gear. Their products include but aren’t limited to ski gear, equipment, tools, apparel and much more, including summer sports gear, too. With more than 27 years of experience in the business starting in Minnesota, Gear West brings a localized, expert-level knowledge to the outdoor sports equipment market.


  • WIthin first 10 months of the campaign, organic revenue increased by 17.3%—amounting to $1,168,636.53 vs $996,276.98.

  • Sessions increased within the same timeframe by 13.5%—50,000+ new sessions.

  • We also increased their user base, with new users increasing by 14.6%—totaling 338,279 vs 295,211 in the first 10 months.

  • WIthin first five months, reached a top 5 all-time company high of 20,638 overall keywords—nearly doubling their initial keyword total when the campaign started.

  • Reached 2,462 page one keywords within the first six months of campaign—top 5 all-time company high.


When Gear West signed onto our standard organic package, we were briefed they were transferring both from their slow summer and SEO marketing company into their fast-paced winter season.

Keeping this in mind, we catered our organic strategy to their strengths, which paid dividends in the early-going of their campaign. 

As seen above, the client was encountering keyword deterioration for months prior to when our implementations went into effect in August 2022. By the end of February 2023, we eclipsed the 20,000 keyword mark—a top five all-time company high.

Of those 20,638 keywords, ~12%—2,462—landed on page one of Google’s Search Engine Results Page.

The graph below also shows the progress we made in their session count—showing a 13.5%—489,141 versus 413,273—increase period-over-period after implementations began.

In addition to increasing their new user base by more than 40,000, Gear West also saw a spike in organic revenue totaling $1,168,636.53 versus $996,276.98—a 17.3% increase. It should also be underscored that Gear West is our most successful client to date when it comes to this KPI indicator.

Overall, we exceeded our goals for Gear West in the various aforementioned KPI data points, including our most relevant priority of curbing their preceding downward keyword trend with their prior search engine marketing company, too.

*Note: All data accumulated and cited through Semrush and Google Analytics platforms. 

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