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Top Shine Mobile Detailing Case Study

The Value of AdSearch's Build and Management


Top Shine Mobile Detailing Services and AdSearch began working together in 2018, nine years after Top Shine began their foray into Google advertising.  In short, AdSearch decreased their cost per conversion by 89.16% (from $121 to $13.11) and increased their monthly conversions by 38 fold (from 27 to 1,030). This study shows, over a very long period of time, the quick and consistent results of different strategies, and at its pinnacle, the extreme value of AdSearch’s build and management.

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Welly Coreglas and his company Top Shine Mobile Detailing Services has been serving Broward County, Florida for over 20 years.  Top Shine was one of the first mobile detailers in the nation that AdSearch partnered with in 2018.  Top Shine has seen continued improvement, and more recently as well due to AdSearch’s new build which was implemented at the beginning of 2020.

Top Shine has run Google Ads periodically from 2009 - present.


Previous Results from Google Ads

Overall, there are two periods where Top Shine consistently ran Google Ads.  

During the first period (2014-2016) the cost per conversion was $184, with 93 conversions at a conversion rate of 2.85%.


The second period (April 2018 - August 2018) was with another marketing company.  During that time the performance improved to $121 per conversion, with a 3.87% conversion rate.  Even with that substantial improvement, it is unlikely that paying $121 per conversion is a positive return in terms of cash-on-cash, although it may have provided a positive return considering the Lifetime Value of the Customers (CLV).​


AdSearch's Results

AdSearch’s overall conversion rate was 18.31%, with 1,030 conversion, and a cost per conversion of $13.11.


AdSearch’s marketing also included advertising on Google’s Display network, which was new for Top Shine.  While Display marketing tends to have a very low conversion rate, it also has a lower cost per conversion.  Primarily Display advertising is used on potential customers that didn’t convert initially, who are then targeted with a display ad in an attempt to convert them after they leave the site.

The cost per conversion averaged $3.54 and included 139 conversions.


Additionally, when Search is extracted from the overall marketing on Google, for an apples to apples comparison to previous performance, we see a 23.04% conversion rate, with 891 conversions, and a cost per conversion of $14.60.



Comparing the metrics on the campaign as managed by another marketing company and AdSearch we see a savings of $106.40 conversion savings of or an 87.9% cost per conversion decrease. 

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How AdSearch achieves this is by increasing the breadth of traffic by maximizing the number of keywords targeted, while at the same time refining the traffic to exclude irrelevant searches inside those keywords.  Ultimately that means the $106.40 in savings per conversion gets reallocated to highly-relevant traffic.  By the numbers, that is an additional 11 conversions; or 12 for the price of 1.


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