Examples of AdSearch's Success Inside the Service Industry

Examples of AdSearch's Success Inside the Service Industry

These three examples are of customers who had the courage to continue ads during the Corona Crisis:

In these examples you can see an account we acquired from another marketing company (1) our search impression share and top of page rate is head and shoulders above the competition and managed to take up enough real estate at the top of the page to shove down the other competitors, (2) increased the conversion rate from 5.06% to 25.62% then 31.22%, and (3) we perform 10 to 15 times better in terms of conversions!

(We define a conversion as: a customer who clicks on your ad then takes another action that you deem valuable; such as, a phone call, filling out a Request For Quote (RFQ), sending an email, purchasing online, or getting directions and arriving at your business-- yes we can track that!)

A final example is of a new customer we launched in January that previously worked with a marketing company that held all their data and so we had to start from scratch.  Nevertheless, over the first three months you can see that we increased their conversion rate from a 6.17% (phenomenal for any industry!) and 60 conversions, to 23.01% and 156 conversions, respectively.

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