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Infinite Age and AdSearch began working together in 2019 at the inception of Infinite Age.  In short, AdSearch took a business from no traffic to $38,285.71 in mean monthly revenue over seven months, climbing steadily from $53 in sales to a July revenue peak of $62,944.30 at an average return of $9.04 for each $1 spent on advertising and a peak of $25.18 for each $1 spent on advertising.  Phrased in gross numbers, in July of 2019 the client spent $2,499.86 to achieve $62,944.30 in sales.


Infinite Age began selling on Amazon in 2018, and upon being contacted by AdSearch, started a website and Google advertising campaign. Infinite Age was the first of many companies the client, founder and serial entrepreneur, began, most of which have been successful, and AdSearch continues to manage digital marketing for most of them.

AdSearch's Results

The website was built at the end of 2018, but until advertising began there was no traffic according to the analytics and sales as reported by the Client. 


After launching the Ads, the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS, or conv. value / cost) continued to increase steadily month over month:

A weekly card option for the same graph shows the more natural progression with the last week on July hitting 45.09 ROAS, and includes the same steady conversion rate increase and steady cost decrease as the optimization process occurs.

Part and parcel with the performance was focusing on the correct adjustments; such as to devices, time of day, and demographics to maximize the return on investment for the Client.


This case presents an example of how quickly a business, if able to handle the operational load of increasing sales, can gain market share and profitability with a well run Google Campaign.  When this Client was initially sold he was skeptical that we could achieve more than $2 in revenue for each dollar in spend.  During the monthly review call after his July performance, the Client was very impressed with achieving a mean of $9.04 for each $1 spent on advertising, and the regular and consistent results culminating with $25.18 in sales for each $1 spent.  Stated in actual numbers: spending $2,499.86 to achieve $62,944.30 in sales.

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