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Country Kitchen Sweet Art | E-Commerce - PPC

Meteoric Success from the Get-Go

Implementation Date: N/A


With Country Kitchen, we knew there were implicit expectations for the account. As with all of our clients, however, we aim to both increase market share and deliver results they haven’t experienced before. Prior to their debut with AdSearch in October 2021, Country Kitchen was running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign with another third party company.  While their account was performing well, peaking around 10 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), we knew we could augment their performance even further with our proven PPC techniques.

Previous History

Country Kitchen had seen relative success prior to AdSearch. However, there were clear improvements that could be made to their account.  For starters, Country Kitchen had been yielding results with a 10 ROAS, but their Cost Per Conversion was moderately high in accordance with our standards.

During their time both internally managing and deferring their PPC to a third party company, Country Kitchen saw their Cost Per Conversion rise dramatically during the first fiscal quarter of 2013—reaching as high as about $17.50 per conversion and down to $3.18 for FY 2020.  

The AdSearch Difference

From early on, we were able to burgeon Country Kitchen’s Google Ads account by implementing our credentialed techniques and as you will see in the following data, in a short span of three months, AdSearch both slashed Country Kitchen’s Cost Per Conversion and reallocated that spend to bring in nearly $125,000 more revenue while saving them $4,000 in cost.

Comparing the first three months with AdSearch with Country Kitchen’s last three months, AdSearch decreased their Cost Per Conversion from $4.55 to $1.94, which is a 57% decrease. And over the previous year's average that is an 18% decrease in the Cost Per Conversion. 

Further, Country Kitchen has been able to achieve an average CTR of 6% across all keywords which is far better than their competitors in the same industry segment.

Additionally, their total cost fell by ~$4,000 while they gained in revenue and more than double their conversion value per cost, too.  Moreover, we increased their revenue by ~$125,000—nearly a 70 percent increase. Again, this all took place within the first three months.

Since then, we have taken the inertia from this account’s meteoric rise during the initial stages and continued its success—going from $183k in revenue to $308k.  Comparing YOY data (Q4 2020 to Q4 2021), we have a more dramatic increase in revenue: $147k in revenue, or a 55% improvement.

With the help of AdSearch, Country Kitchen was able to surpass their targets by improving their visibility on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), resetting bids and reallocating budget. 


The key difference that AdSearch makes is in our builds and our individually tailored strategy. When we first audited Country Kitchen’s Google Ads account, we saw that they had a very basic, albeit common, build which had their products segmented by category. This is how many agencies and contractors build out their campaigns but is not always a strategy that reflects the goals of the client.

Our strategy involved looking at the potential revenue and margin of each product (Price x Margin) and putting them in Price Tiers so that we can more effectively set our bids. This immediately puts us in a better position because we eliminate both over-bidding on low value/low margin products and under-bidding on high value/high margin products. 

The end result was a significantly more efficient and effective account that has minimal waste and can scale quickly. This was particularly apparent in the precipitous increase in orders that Country Kitchen saw in the first few weeks of our partnership.

In The Client's Words

"Plain and simple AdSearch has decreased our online marketing costs while increasing our online orders. I leave AdWords to the experts (AdSearch) and I spend my time doing what our company does. I highly recommend AdSearch for your online marketing needs. Their data-driven approach to online marketing has allowed our company to thrive and grow in even the most challenging of economic conditions."

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