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Why SEO Is Important For Your Business

Search engine optimization is a way to optimize the user’s website presence on the internet so that in the search results, their website occupies a prominent place. In this way, more web traffic is diverted towards websites and this enables the owner of that website to earn well by monetizing it. However, optimization of any website by applying the guidelines of SEO is a grueling task that requires patience and consistency.

Let’s take an example of the e-commerce business, which is selling consumer electronics to its customers in New York. The company needs to be in the top results as top search results have the highest click through rate than the bottom search result. And as we move towards the second page, the click through rate of the search result decreases dramatically.

Therefore, it is imperative for a business to place itself on the top results of the relevant search query so that it can increase its revenue and eventually sell the units of products above the breakeven level. Without the optimization of websites, no e-commerce venture could be successful. This is because such venture needs website traffic and such web traffic is not possible without the optimization of the website.

Another importance of search engine optimization germinates from the very limitations of the search engines. Therefore, we will enumerate the problems related to crawling and indexing.

  • A search engine’s algorithm does not have the capacity to complete online forms, such as user ID and login detail, which are embedded in the layout of the website. Therefore, any content written behind those forms remains hidden to crawlers.

  • Websites that use content management systems create duplicate versions of the same page. This is misconstrued as duplicate content by search engines.

  • There could be errors in the robots.txt file of the website. Such errors have a potency to block the entry of search engine crawlers and thus the pages and the content of the website is not indexed.

  • In case the website’s link structure is entangled in a way that crawlers could not index the whole content of the website or deemed it unimportant, such entanglement could lead to lower page rank by search engines.

Moreover, Google is continuously making improvements in their search engine algorithms, in order to provide better experience to web surfers. Therefore, it becomes pivotal that a person should think the process of SEO is one-off. However, this process is continuous as there are many users who are competing for the same spot in the search results.

Furthermore, the importance of SEO to businesses is immense in the modern world. It enables the business to increase its visibility on the internet and thus raises the visibility and awareness of the brand. Additionally, SEO also makes the business more credible as the presence of any business on the top search of a search engine is considered more reliable and credible.

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