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Magic Weighted Blanket Case Study

Off to a good start 536% Return on Ad Spend

in the first month


This case is rather unique given the fact that it was managed by a former marketing company, Magic Weighted Blanket, and AdSearch all within a very short window of time. Using the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) metric, AdSearch performed 3613 times better than the in house campaigns, and 2.5 times better than their former marketing company with a 536% ROAS.



Magic Weighted Blanket is the original inventor of weighted blankets. Keith Zivalich, a father of three, came up with the idea for the weighted blanket in 1997 when his daughter placed a beanie baby on his shoulder. He instantly noticed how calming the pressure felt and wanted to make an entire blanket with the same deep pressure feeling. His wife, Lynda, sewed many prototypes until they found the perfect design. Their family business has been making weighted blankets ever since and has been using the same Los Angeles factory for 21 years.



The Magic Weighted Blanket gave their former marketing company access to manage their account from March 2019 - September 2019, or for six months. From September to October, AdSearch managed the campaign, but due to Magic Weighted Blanket's bad experience with their former marketing company, the customer ran his own campaigns sporadically during the AdSearch tenure.

As an informational aside, one of the issues with running a campaign under multiple executives is that internal keyword competition will exist more heavily. That is because both executives are utilizing the same keywords, the ads from the two departments/executives will bid against each other and the cost per click will increase.

Prior Outcomes

The previous marketing company's performance peaked in month six of their management, where they achieved the following results:

  • $4330: Conversion value

  • $1790: Cost

  • 26: Conversion(s)

  • 242%: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) / Conversion Value Over Cost

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In the end, this was not enough for the customer to break even, and so management was transferred to AdSearch.

Magic Weighted Blanket's Outcomes

On September 1, 2019, AdSearch took over the account.

However, Magic Weighted Blanket admitted to AdSearch, after being confronted about running his own campaigns simultaneously (as it was obvious from the Ad account) Magic Weighted Blanket's ads efforts resulted in the following outcomes:

  • $166.40: Conversion value

  • $1130: Cost

  • 1: Conversion(s)

  • 0.15%: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) / Conversion Value Over Cost

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AdSearch's Outcomes

After separating the self-managed Magic Weighted Blanket campaign from the AdSearch campaigns, the following sub-total data is presented:

  • $5615: Conversion value

  • $1047: Cost

  • 29: Conversion(s)

  • 536% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) / Conversion Value Over Cost

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AdSearch performed better in the first month than the former marketing company did in their peak month, after six months of management, by 121% (536% - 242% / 242% = 121%), or by a base increase of 294% (536% - 242% = 294%). This is two-and-a-half times better than the former marketing company's campaign.


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