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An Example of AdSearch's Success in E-Commerce


An Example of AdSearch's Success in E-Commerce

In this screenshot, you can see the fast ramp-up and optimization of his account.  4160 conversions over six months are pretty consistent, pretty well staying in the range of 100 to 300 conversions a day.

JCRS 2_1-7_31 ROAS Conv..png

His average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is 9.04, but it consistently goes up, to an unheard of rate of 45.09!  That is $45 for every $1 spent!  Or a ROAS of 4509%!

JCRS 2_1-7_31 ROAS.png

To break that down further, over the first six months we can see he had a total conversion value from ads at $268,000 while spending only $29,600!  On a daily level, the best day cost $1785.50 but brought in more than ten times that in revenue: $17,861.90!

JCRS 2_1-7_31 CV Cost.png

In this slide, we can see the relationship between conversion value and cost due to a failed experiment.  Sometimes customers will ask us to experiment to see if there are opportunities to further increase the profitability of their campaign.

JCRS 2_1-7_31 ROAS Cost.png

In the slide above, during March we ran an experiment that failed, and you can see that demonstrated by the spike in cost and the loss in conversion value.


But in June we ran another one that succeeded, and the data gathered ultimately ended up helping us double the conversion value over cost from an average of 12 to, as shown here, a two-standard-deviation range of 25-50.

As an informational aside, the reason the cost initially increases no matter what is because the campaign is new-- quality scores are low (in search) and optimization still needs to be done.  So in the March example, you see conversion value/cost remain unchanged after the experiment, but in the June example, you see the substantial uptrend as a direct result of the experiment.

Before moving slightly on, I’d just like to highlight the best - and not coincidentally the last - month during this six month period of experimentation and optimization.  (FYI, we continue to manage this account with the same, always improving results.)  In that month, we had an average conversion rate of 38.66% (industry average is 3%), an average ROAS of 25.18, and most importantly, the customer paid $2,500 for $62,900 in sales!


In the last slide of this deep dive, I’d like to share one of the most important metrics of success: the auction insights.


Auction Insights show us a grid of how well a client is appearing, subjectively compared to others and objectively in terms of maximum numbers.


On the Y-axis, you can see the Impression Share, which tells us what percent of the time that a potential customer searches for a relevant search term does one of our ads appear.


And on the X-axis we can see the percent of the time they appear at the top of the page.


As with all of our clients, you can see we’ve achieved the highest level possible with this client: nearly 90% Top Of Page Rate AND 95-100% Impression Share!  (Typically 40-65% is phenomenal.) There are still some adjustments we have since made to this account to push his top of page rate closer to 100%, but you can see that there is no competition here as our client sits in a world of its own when it comes to appearing in front of valuable customers.  In short, during 9/10 relevant searches this customer is appearing at the top of the page.  Incredible.

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