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Cali Car Co. Mobile Case Study

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AdSearch Team

Updated on: December 20, 2022

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Noman took his passion for cars and developed it into his business called Cali Car. Co — a mobile service company that goes to the customer to provide interior and exterior car services. He founded the company in 2017 with the premise that he would do everything within his power to take care of his customer’s needs. Noman says, “You gotta take care of all your customers. We’ll do pretty much anything to make them happy.” His dedication to this mantra is evident when he admits to leaving family dinners to take phone calls from his customers. 


Cali Car Co. acquired two vans within their two years of business, but Noman wanted to see more growth for his business because he really believed in the concept. He admits that his initial auto service marketing tactics primarily consisted of Yelp and Craigslist. He’s since left Yelp because he believes they’re catered towards customers — and don’t service businesses as much as they should. 


Noman decided to seek out an automotive digital marketing agency that could help scale his business. He had never worked with a digital marketing solutions agency before, so he was a bit nervous about taking a chance when he came across AdSearch. So, how has his experience been with an automotive advertising agency? Noman’s response is quite simple: “It’s been amazing.” 


His initial ad spend dollars was about $500 per month — but that quickly grew to $6,500. He stresses the importance of allowing experts to work in their respective fields. Noman attributes much of his business’s success to the formation of a small team of experts in different sectors of his business, so everyone is an absolute professional in their role. 


Noman is able to focus on his business while an automotive advertising agency focuses on getting the business in front of the eyes of people who could benefit from Cali Car Co.’s services. The design of Cali Car Co.’s website has generated business leads: “They’ve looked at the website. They feel like you guys have done a phenomenal job when it comes to professionalism on there — the photos, the leads, where they click, how they click, and it’s easy to manage.” Noman’s decision to find an auto repair marketing company to market his business has elevated his business by bringing in more customers than ever before. 

Noman’s results speak for themselves: Cali Car Co. has grown five times the size and could double again by next year. The company now has five full-service vans that go to customers’ homes to take care of all their vehicles’ needs. Noman acknowledges AdSearch’s role in scaling his company: “Without you guys, we wouldn’t have been able to have this growth. There’s no way.” 


Looking towards the future, Noman says he looks forward to scaling his business further. He is currently looking at adding trailers and trucks to Cali Car Co.’s fleet — and plans to expand his service area. Noman says, “I see an exponential growth here. I feel really good about it.” Noman’s skillful business decisions have allowed him to turn his passion for cars into a full-fledged business that provides his family with a good life and sets his children up for college.

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