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Recycled Karma: Revolutionizing the Brand Through E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

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AdSearch Team

Updated on: December 20, 2022


Jene Park has spent much of her life in the fashion industry creating unique designs for fashion powerhouses — with celebrities like Beyoncé wearing her designs — before becoming the creative director of a brand that desperately needed her help a few years ago. A friend had reached out to Jene to ask if she could use her talents to help revive a clothing company that was quickly accumulating debt: Recycled Karma. 


When Jene decided to take the position of creative director at Recycled Karma, there were only a few employees. She agreed not to take a paycheck because the company simply couldn’t afford it. There wasn’t an office to work in — only a mountain of debt that seemed impossible to escape. 


It wasn’t long before Jene took the company to the next level with her expertise, determination, and unique designs. She felt connected to the small group of people she worked with and naturally became the company’s CEO despite initially agreeing to join the team for a few months. 

Despite never having worked in this sector of the industry before, Jene took her experience in luxury marketing and design and created a new concept that “sells itself.” She says her biggest challenge was finding a way to make Recycled Karma’s tee shirts stand out, so consumers would recognize Recycled Karma pieces amongst others. She fused rock n’ roll aesthetics with a feminine flair by skillfully hand grinding and handwashing the pieces. 


She used her talents to conceptualize unique designs and products that people loved from the beginning. She went to her first tradeshow in Las Vegas, where she was in an unmarked booth with no signage whatsoever — but it wasn’t long before a giant line formed and people began to fight over her trendy garments. 


Her competitive price point helped her stand out amongst other brands that sold similar fashions. She says, “nobody in this space has the same price point.” Her goal was to create pieces that look high-end, but without the high-end price tag.


While Jene began her time at Recycled Karma focusing on conducting business with wholesalers, she says that she began to see the value in the eCommerce space when the COVID-19 pandemic started to get serious. She admits that eCommerce has “become the most important part of Recycled Karma’s business entity.” 

While she has only been with AdSearch for six months, she’s seen exponential growth in her company and ROI. She used to only employ three people, but that number has recently risen to eighteen. Recycled Karma transformed from a company that was mounded in debt — to a company that just hit 6 million dollars in sales under her direction. She says, “We literally grew from zero customers in 2019 to two thousand customers in 2021. [That is] zero sales to six million — during two years of operation and in the pandemic.”


Jene looked for a digital marketing agency that could put Recycled Karma’s designs in front of more people online. So, why did she choose us? She appreciated the persistence and hard work our team members displayed with every interaction. She admits that the Recycled Karma team often jokes that the AdSearch team is actually AI because of the speedy response rates at all hours of the day. 


She decided to enter our working relationship on a month-to-month basis before realizing the “impressive results” that AdSearch can bring to the table. She decided to double (and then triple) her digital marketing budget because she experienced the incredible value of digital marketing in 2021. AdSearch has fostered a great relationship with the Recycled Karma team — with Jene saying she appreciates the communicative working relationship and trusts AdSearch for all her digital marketing needs. 

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