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A #1 Movers: An American
Success Story

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AdSearch Team

Updated on: December 20, 2022

Juan Rodriguez started his moving company, A #1 Movers, a few years ago after finding his passion for helping families move when he worked for another moving company. He’d bring a notebook to the warehouse to get ideas about what worked and what didn’t from his coworkers — before incorporating his favorite aspects of the moving business into the formation of his own company.


Despite having never gone to college, Juan felt determined to prove to his family that he could be just as successful as his other siblings, who decided to pursue higher education. Now, he makes more than his siblings who chose to take the traditional route.


He says, “I finished high school and never went to college. I have no business degree. I have no history of anyone showing me these systems. It’s been trial and error. As time went on, life pretty much hit me — I fell and fell. Never give up on your dreams. Keep going. Everyone has potential in them, but you have to believe in yourself. Find the correct people and correct people to help you get from point B, point C, and point D as time goes on.” 


Juan says A #1 Movers sells itself because it’s well organized and runs efficiently. His mission has always been to provide an affordable and trustworthy moving company — but he initially had issues getting his company in front of potential customers’ eyes. 

Humble Beginnings

Juan started A #1 Movers with the help of his best friend and one old Uhaul truck. He began his journey by maintaining a good repertoire with existing customers, but began to expand his business after he implemented traditional marketing strategies. 


He eventually bought another two trucks within his first year of operation, but felt that he was losing money instead of making it. He admits that he wasn’t initially taking the proper steps to market his business — primarily because he wasn’t utilizing the power of the internet. 


While using traditional methods, he grew his fleet of trucks to five trucks by year two. He decided to step into the administrative side of his business after the third year. 


He felt that his business wasn’t growing as much as it could be, so he decided to learn about internet marketing for small business owners to help take his company to the next level

Juan’s friend told him that digital marketing wasn’t as effective as other people made it seem, but he decided to do his own research and try it for himself anyway. He admits that traditional marketing didn’t offer the reach that he sought to scale his business. He didn’t want to pay a digital marketing agency for services he thought he could learn independently; he felt that there wouldn’t be an ROI that would make sense.


He signed up for Yelp and Angie’s List — but felt completely trapped by their services. After a few months of trying to understand the complexities of digital marketing, he decided to contact AdSearch on May 1st, 2019. He began to understand the importance of working with a creative digital marketing agency to effectively market his business in the online space. 

​​He Decided There’s Value in Expertise

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The Power of Digital Marketing

He wasn’t sure what to expect as the first few months were a bit slow due to his initial budget — but his excitement began to grow after a few months. 


Juan says, “In 2 years, it’s the most results I’ve ever seen in my life. In 2019, we had 97 jobs in June. It pretty much just skyrocketed in June of 2020 — we had 250 jobs that month.” 


Now in 2021, A1 Movers booked 395 jobs in May. As of June 3rd, they’ve confirmed a total of 105 jobs, with more bookings flooding in every day. The company has been scaling at an incredible rate — with more than 90% of their leads coming from Google. 


Juan has experienced the power of the internet first-hand. He received a few hundred phone calls just last month from potential clients inquiring about his company’s services after finding it online.


He enjoys seeing the numbers and reports that AdSearch provides each month. While he was initially worried about the ROI he would see if he hired a digital marketing agency, he admits that digital marketing has been a fundamental step to growing his customer base.


A #1Movers has become a force to be reckoned with in the Texas landscape. Juan says that his company has expanded the number of moving trucks up to 14 trucks, thanks to the growing number of customers who have found him through AdSearch’s digital marketing tactics. 

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“AdSearch Has Changed My Life”

Juan says, “Hands down — AdSearch has changed my life. I recommend them to everybody. If you’re looking for SEO, pay for click, even advice, or any counseling on how to help with digital marketing, you should call AdSearch. AdSearch is the best company I’ve ever met in my life, to be honest.”


While Juan admittedly struggled to pay all of his bills before starting A #1 Moving, the online marketing services AdSearch continues to provide has allowed his business to grow exponentially. As a result, he not only comfortably supports his family with the revenue from his company, but he feels content knowing that his 30 employees are also feeding their families


Juan looks forward to growing his company with the help of his hardworking employees and AdSearch. He predicts he will continue to increase his fleet of moving trucks, purchase a large lot, and expand into all of the major cities in Texas. Although Juan has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the business world, he plans to pursue a career in higher education in the future as well. He will be able to put himself through college with the monetary success he receives through digital marketing alone


There’s no stopping a hardworking owner of an incredible company who decides to hire a full service digital marketing agency to increase brand awareness and revenue. We look forward to continuing to help Juan scale A #1 Movers to the next level! 

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