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USA Lab | E-Commerce - SEO

Tripling exposure and not losing revenue during the recession while competitors were down 40% in revenue

First implementation date: 05/06/2022


Since 2010, USA Lab has been providing high-quality new and used lab extraction equipment and scientific instruments. They pride themselves on great products, fantastic customer service and competitive prices. Starting in April 2022, they partnered with AdSearch to improve their paid and organic results on Google.


  • Nearly tripled Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) one KWs from 576 to 1512—all time company high—within the first 10 months of the campaign.

  • More than doubled total KWs from 4,614 to ~10.8k—an all time company high.

  • Increased session count by approximately +40%429,007 to 600,584—within the first nine months.

  • New users spiked by 48.94% in this same timeframe along with new sessions—6.39%.

  • Maintained year-over-year organic revenue levels amounting to ~$5.3 million in one year despite relative macroeconomic conditions.


When we began working with USA Lab, we set out to execute two main outcomes. The first of which was to outperform all relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from their prior search engine marketing company. 

We swiftly achieved this goal by increasing their keyword (KW) count, which we figured would potentially increase their overall traffic, thereby catalyzing other latent KPIs—i.e. organic revenue, sessions, new users, etc.

The second imperative was to overtake their five most proximal competitors in the organic sphere. Prior to implementations on May 6, 2022, USA Lab was plateauing at about 4,000 to 5,000 keywords—that is, search terms that were verifiably tracking in Google’s SERP.

According to Semrush, the graph below shows we outpaced all of their nearby competitors within the first year of their campaign, totaling almost 10,000 KWs and 11,333 searches.

Note that prior to our implementations, both traffic and KW count were below that of Shop BVV and Xtractor Depot.

Moreover, we were able to outpace four out of their five competitors—Xtractor Depot, Lab Society, Scisolinc and Across International—within the first three to four months after implementations in total KW count, amounting to 6,689 by July of 2022. This amounts to an approximate 68.9% increase during the early stages of their campaign.

The next KPI elements we wanted to address how USA Lab’s overall traffic has fared since implementations, too. As mentioned in the abstract, we were able to accumulate and sustain meteoric gains in both session counts and new users for the client.

Within the first year, USA Lab reached ~657,000 sessions—including a company record for most sessions in a single day, which totaled 3,379 on January 11, 2023. The chart below shows gains in all three aforementioned relevant categories of session count, new sessions and new users.

We believe that through our enhanced optimization strategy, USA Lab was able to exceed our initial lofty goals of traffic search exposure. We will continue to optimize and increase their online presence with our industry-leading SEO practices. We look forward to seeing just how far we can take this client. 

"We use adsearch for PPC and SEO. They have helped our website tremendously and couldn't be happier." - Matt W (Marketing Manager)

If you want to increase your online presence and outrank your competitors, contact AdSearch today and see what we can do for you!

*Note: All data was accumulated and cited through Semrush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console platforms.

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