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HID Concept | E-Commerce - SEO

Yielding a 57% Revenue Increase in Six Months While Managing Thousands of E-Commerce Products

First implementation date: 10/07/2022


HID Concept is a prominent online retailer specializing in top-notch automotive lighting solutions. They offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality HID and LED lighting products. With a focus on enhancing visibility, safety, and style, HID Concept caters to car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. They provide a wide range of options, including headlights, fog lights, interior lights, and more, to suit various vehicle models and preferences.


  • Maintained keyword growth while exponentially increasing macro organic KPIs.

  • Increased period-over-period session count by 63.9%148,776 versus 90,770—within the first six months of campaign.

  • Increased organic revenue by ~57.1%$273,633.33 versus $174,232.38—within the first six months of campaign.

  • Correlationally, increased overall purchase transactions on site by 63.8%—2,469 versus 1,507.

  • New users also increased during this time by 64.4%.


One of the first KPI indicators we identified was the need to delineate and parse through the needed keywords our client needed while simultaneously boosting their organic traffic. We realized this would be difficult, but by utilizing our proven strategies, we were able to achieve our goals.

Within the first six months of HID Concept’s campaign, we were able to meteorically increase their period-over-period sessions by about 64%. This was a noticeable improvement from their previous organic data as seen below.

In the approximate two fiscal quarters prior to implementations, HID Concept was down in multiple organic categories, including: sessions, new users, revenue, transactions and more. While we knew we could moderately control for sessions, new users and new sessions percentage, we figured it would be difficult to stymie the downward trend in the other aforementioned KPI categories.

However, much to our delight, this was incorrect.

To date, we have seen almost the complete inverse of this initial paradigm. As mentioned in the abstract, we were able to jumpstart other relevant macro organic KPIs in spite of preceding trends in the other direction.

As you can see, we were able to curb the trend in virtually every organic category other than average session duration and bounce rate—both minor decreases. 


In conclusion, with an 63.9% in sessions along with a ~57% revenue after the first six months of their campaign, we look forward to maintaining these KPIs while increasing their overall keyword count as we progress.

*Note: All data was accumulated and cited through Semrush and Google Analytics platforms.

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